Chinese Travel Ban: Could Foreign nationals Travel to China Now?

There are certain areas of China that have become very popular travel destinations. In fact, most of the country has been recognized as a great place to visit, even more so than Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. If you are looking to travel to China, you need to take these popular areas into account. These cities have become favorites among tourists, which explains why they have seen such an influx of visitors.

Travel to China

You may remember that Wuhan was the origination point of the pandemic coronavirus. The Chinese government may have imposed a travel restriction from China on January 31st, 2021, with some reported cases already in the United States. This restriction was mostly for those non-U.S. nationals who were traveling to China within the past fourteen days and weren’t necessarily either the immediate family member or legal resident of the United States. Although there have been no fatalities from this latest Chinese travel restriction, the Chinese government may enforce more stringent rules in the future.

The recent outbreak of the SARS virus was in part due to porous immigration procedures and weak hygiene among tourists in China. As of this writing, there has been no diagnoses of SARS among any of the Chinese travelers who have caught the disease. However, a few of them have since been hospitalized. Travelers to China are advised to strictly obey their nation’s immigration and quarantine laws and remain alert to new medical reports. While these new restrictions are intended to protect the public, it is likely that they are also meant to quell criticism of China’s lax healthcare and sanitation measures and prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

There are still opportunities for citizens of China to enjoy traveling to China. Citizens of any country can enter China either by landing in China or via a special type of passport known as a “Covid-19.” The Covid-19 is an international passport that is issued by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A copy of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or a copy of the fax number used to apply for your passport is required when applying to receive a copy of the Covid-19. Individuals can obtain a copy of the fax number through the embassy or consulate of the country of your choice or through the Chinese Embassy or consulate in whichever country you are applying to.

In early January, Chinese officials announced that all foreigners will be required to have a copy of the standard passport (known as the Crocodia) when leaving China for travel abroad beginning with the twenty-first consecutive month of January 2021. In preparation for the Guangzhou Olympics in July, officials recommended that all foreign tourists apply for a standard passport by January 1, 2021. The ministry further stated that foreign nationals wishing to take part in the Olympic Games in China should apply by that date as well. The ministry advised that all travelers intending to travel to China from twenty-five months onward should apply for a standard passport before departure.

The Chinese Government’s move to implement a travel ban on overseas travel came as a surprise to many foreign nationals residing in China and traveling abroad. While no one was sure what the new policy meant, it was immediately welcomed by expats and Chinese citizens alike. Many foreign nationals living in China expressed confusion and outrage upon hearing the news from the Chinese Government. “What does the Chinese Government have to fear from foreigners coming here?” asked one person on a popular internet forum regarding the new travel restrictions.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry ordered all Chinese foreign nationals to cancel their passports by the end of January 2021 in preparation for the Olympics. Foreign nationals were notified that they would be required to present their documents in order to exit the country. The Ministry also stated that those who violate the travel ban will face severe penalties including the restriction of their Chinese citizenship. Foreigners are not required to remove their Chinese visa at the airport when checking in to leave the country. Those who do not follow the terms and conditions of the Chinese government and choose to depart without fulfilling their obligations may face heavy fines and or imprisonment.

According to the Chinese Government the new law is intended to increase cooperation between the United States and China on security issues. The Chinese government feels that their hospitality to their neighbors goes unmatched by any other country. They have also accused U.S. nationals of spying for the Chinese government by attempting to flee to countries such as Canada and the United States, which could jeopardize relations between the two countries. The Canadian Embassy in China has strongly denied this claim. However, there is no definitive proof that there have ever been cases of Canadian spies originating from China. One expert who specializes in cross-border issues and security issues has also expressed doubts regarding the new Chinese law, stating that although the law could be effective in enhancing cooperation between the two countries it could also hinder freedom of speech and political expression.