Chinese Passports

China is a country of more than 1 trillion dollars and has many interesting tourist destinations. One can travel from Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai to Beijing which is the biggest city of China. Most tourists spend at least a week in China and most sightseeing tours are around four days. Most tourists travel to China via flight to Hong Kong and take the flights to Beijing and afterwards enjoy their stay in China. But, there are some who do not want to spend so much time in China and opt for a China travel package. Such tourists have a number of options to choose from.

Travel to China

The first option is to enter China via Hong Kong and catch a direct flight to Beijing. After reaching Beijing, travellers can proceed to China town either by road or by taking a rail tour. China town is one of the most famous places in China with lots of sights to see. Once you have visited China town, you can also visit the historic Old Town in the city. There you will find some fine Chinese gardens and the National Museum.

If you are a U.S. citizen, you will be required to get special permission from the Chinese government before travelling to China. You will have to submit some documents which would certify that you are aware of your nationality and that you intend to travel to China on official business. The documentations will include your passport and other necessary travel papers. You should not leave the document in any Chinese airports as the local authorities will not allow you to leave the country until you have received the approval.

China restricts its citizens from traveling to a large number of countries including Taiwan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines. A few countries like Iraq, Iran and Lebanon are not allowed because of their support for international terrorism. In addition, China does not recognise North Korea as a independent country. Hence, all goods originating in North Korea need to be bought from the Chinese mainland. You will need a special permit if you wish to bring North Korean goods into China.

Chinese nationals need to obtain exit and entry visas prior to travelling to the mainland china. You can get these visas at the local tourism office or at the foreign embassy. You can also get these visas online. However, foreigners looking to extend their stay in China will find it easier to apply for the visa online.

To apply for the visa for tourists, Chinese citizens need to collect a document called the PRC residence permit from the Chinese embassy. This permit is valid for five years and needs to be renewed every year. The processing time is usually faster than that of the visa. On the other hand, the no-visa visa for foreigners is valid for three months and requires an original passport. You can visit China with your no-visa residence permit, but without the visa.

Some people travelling to China from the United Kingdom do not need to have either a visa or a passport. These people can enter China with the help of a valid passport. These people will have to provide proof of citizenship from the country they are travelling to, and the flights embassy usually issues a proof of citizenship card within 48 hours. The cards are normally available online. Once the foreigners have obtained their proof of citizenship, they can book their flights to China.

Proof of residence permits are valid only if the foreigner has been to China more than once before. For this reason, some foreigners who travel to China do not need proof of residence permits. If you are travelling to China for the first time, you should also check whether you need a visa. If you do not have a visa, you will need to apply for one at the foreign embassy or at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To apply for a visa, you will need to complete a form called the Application for Admission of Detained Persons.