Australia Visa Information

Travel to USA is not subject to entry controls just because one is a British citizen or permanent resident there. Neither are dual citizenship passports issued by USA and the country one is visiting. However, it should be remembered that as a visitor you need to comply with all the immigration and customs law of the USA, whatever your nationality. You can travel to USA without special immigration status. The first step would be to decide on the reason for visiting USA and then choose the right traveling options.

If one is travelling to USA by plane it is wise to carry with them their photo identification such as passport, or driver’s license, or a photocopy of one’s social security card. It is also wise to bring with them currencies that the US dollar is convertible into. A list of prohibited items is available at the local travel agent. It may include alcoholic beverages, clothing that is excessively large, cameras, aerosols, fireworks or any other item that is restricted in most areas of the country. If one is travelling by train then one needs to check with the railroad authority, whether one can travel on certain trains, e.g. CTS, Okeechobee, Bellmore or Norfolk Southern.

If you are travelling by plane then there are few things that need to be taken care of before leaving for USA. Firstly get the travel documents prepared in your own language, preferably English. Secondly, purchase the visa of the country you are travelling to. Then apply for the visa by enclosing your passport, application form and fees. In some cases you will be granted a visa on arrival, while some require the visa after passing through a port of entry.

There are certain rules and regulations related to the entry of foreigners into the USA. One can not stay in the USA without obtaining the necessary visa. If one fails to do so, the law of the country will be used against him and accordingly he could be subjected to a penalty or even deportation. The very purpose of this rule is to discourage the illegal immigrants.

As far as the Australian laws are concerned, they are almost the same to the American ones. So before traveling to Australia, ensure that your visa is ready. Once you have obtained your visa you can travel to Australia as and when you please. There are many direct flights to Australia from the major airports of the USA.

Many tourists from the USA visit Australia every year. So if you too are planning to visit Australia, make sure that the visa procedure for your visa is well managed. Besides the visa, a good passport is essential to travel to Australia. So take care to get hold of a quality passport.

When traveling to Australia by air, there are many options available for tourists. However, the cheapest option is to travel by air to Melbourne and then by land to Sydney. From Sydney you can easily travel to Perth or Bendigo. If you have planned to visit Australia via rail, then take a train from Melbourne to Melbourne. From Melbourne you can easily travel to Sydney where you can stay for quite some time.

The Australian Taxation Office in Sydney offers the services of processing visa on arrival. In fact if you are planning to visit Australia by land or sea, then you should book your accommodation in Australia well in advance as visa requires you to apply for the visa well in advance. The Australian Taxation Office also provides assistance in case of processing of visa tax and payment. So, make sure you go through all the visa requirements properly before traveling to Australia.