An Overview on Immigration Status

Travel to USA

An Overview on Immigration Status

Travel to USA can be fun for anyone who loves exploring new lands and immersing oneself in new cultures. There are different kinds of visas and rules that need to be followed for your travels to USA. The different kinds of visas available depend on the nationality you are traveling to. There are eleven types of visas that are available for traveling to the USA.

Non-immigrant visa: For people who wish to travel to the USA for leisure or business purposes can apply for non-immigrant visa. These kinds of visas do not require any application fee and are good for 90 days. A person can travel to the USA november without the need of a visa for tourism purposes. However, British national can’t enter the USA or its territories whether they’ve been in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Schengen zone or Iran, Cambodia or Vietnam within the last 14 days.

Document requirement: Before an immigrant visa can be applied for, one needs to get a visa stamp from the US Department of State. Visa stamps are issued for a specific period of time depending on the country you are visiting. You can check out the US Department of State website for more details. After getting the visa, the immigrant visa holder need to wait for ninety days for the foreigner class entry into the United States. If the foreign national does not have a green card, he can’t enter the country until the green card is issued. This process can take quite some time so it’s better to book your trip well in advance.

Travel to USA with a visitor visa: For tourists, a visitor visa is required when they wish to travel to the USA. Foreign nationals who have been admitted as tourists may stay for up to ninety days provided that they obtain a visa prior to travelling to the USA. If your objective is to stay longer, then the alternative procedure is to apply for an immigrant visa.

How to apply for a US resident visa: For visitors to the USA who do not hold a visa, they will need to get a nonimmigrant visa. Nonimmigrant visa can be obtained from the same office that does the tourist visa application. The requirements for the nonimmigrant visa vary from state to state. You will find detailed information regarding the requirements by visiting the visa section of the State Department’s website. You can also find out if you require any special documents or eligibility points for obtaining the visa. The fees involved for getting the visa vary from state to state.

When should I travel to the USA? If you are planning to visit the USA for leisure purposes only or for business, you should apply for a tourist visa before your trip. For people who want to visit the USA for visiting or working in their respective field, you can apply for an immigrant visa. You may also find out whether you require an adjustment visa or a change of status visa once you reach the US.

Where to get vaccinated: As per the law, all travelers to the USA are required to have undergone 6 months of travel immunization against the traveler-catch diseases. For this purpose, the United States Department of Health is strictly implemented “First Notice of Intent” on all children traveling to the USA under the immunization protocol. The protocol also covers adults traveling to the USA for tourist or business purposes. Adults are required to have received 6 months of notice from the Immunization Registry and the US Department of Health. Moreover, a traveler to the USA who does not possess the receipt issued by the Immunization Registry will be required to submit an application stating that he or she does not possess the receipt along with a copy of the immunization record of the holder. This vaccination is essential to prevent the spread of nonimmune diseases such as flu and measles.

Green Card Application: For people who are eligible for the immigrant visa and are travelling to the USA for work or study can also go to the immigration department to apply for a green card. On obtaining the green card, the applicant can reside and work in the USA. He or she need not stay in the USA for more than two years and must visit the USA once every year for examination. Besides green card, you may also apply for an immigrant visa or change of status if you are a nonimmigrant alien who has left your country due to family reasons and are eligible for adjustment to the status. There are certain rules which must be followed to apply for green card online.