A Guide To Louisiana Travel

USA travel guide is a must-have if you plan on visiting this country. This is indeed the biggest country in the world, an enormous place that boasts rich diversity in both its people and its natural landscapes. Hence, make your trip from the sunny beaches and serene coasts to the great cities and winding wind-battered plains that ultimately lead you to huge open spaces where tall mountains, breathtaking monoliths, vast plains, charming small lakes and lovely towns await. So go ahead, pack your bags, pull up your comfortable chair and let this wonderful land enthrall you.

usa travel guide

There are plenty of places and sights that you should visit while you are here. The capital of the state is New York City, the most populous state capital in the entire US. You will be awed by the skyscrapers and the grandeur that it exudes. The hustle and bustle of the city to draw tourists from all around the world. NYC offers so much to do, you can do it all at one time.

Other than New York, there are many other interesting cities in the state like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Columbus, New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, Raleigh, Austin, Denver, Los Angeles and Chicago to name just a few. All these cities have their own distinctive features, and all are worth seeing, exploring and experiencing.

The country’s most popular destination is of course, the Statue of Liberty. A spectacular landmark for the tourist who visits the US, this is definitely a sight to behold. Statue of Liberty is also considered the gateway to New Orleans, the largest city in Louisiana.

Aside from being a magnificent landmark, the Statue of Liberty is also a major attraction for people who love shopping and dining. If you are looking for a real shopping experience in the New York, then you must visit the Macy’s in Manhattan, which is always packed with shoppers.

The state of Louisiana is also very well known as one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. The state offers a lot of tourist attractions for its visitors. In addition to the great food and wine and the state offers, you can also enjoy swimming in the beautiful Mississippi River, fishing for the best catch, horseback riding, rafting down the Mississippi and even kayaking on its beautiful beaches.

In addition to the famous tourist spots, Louisiana also offers some of the best wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and national forests. You can get to see some rare breeds of birds, whales and other wildlife such as deer and foxes.

If you are going to visit these areas, then you should also check out the state’s topography. There are lots of tourist spots, where you can view the state’s unique geography, which has been shaped by nature.

The Bayou Corne National Wildlife Refuge is another great place to visit. This is the site where many migratory birds come to spend the winter. There are also lots of bird species that feed on fish that are caught on the beach here. This place is also home to several endangered species of sea turtles and tortoises.

There are also lots of beautiful sites that are very famous around the country. For example, you can also visit Acadiana, one of the most popular tourist spots in the southern part of the state and the scene of one of the most popular books of all time, by Mark Twain.

There are lots of beautiful beaches in the state, which is also a great place to visit. For instance, you can visit Slidell, which is the favorite spot for many beach lovers. You can also try visiting the Big Ear’s Beach, which is located in the middle of the Mississippi River.

In Louisiana, you should also check out the beautiful lakes. In fact, the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most scenic areas, and the state also has the world’s largest body of fresh water.