7 Ways to Travel to China

Travel to China is a big country and therefore, if you choose to learn it, you may live among life s greatest moments. There are so many obstacles that can arise along the way for this Asian giant, but having some of these excellent suggestions to travel to China will easily pass those obstacles and you will definitely have the greatest vacation of your lifetime. With this information, you will be able to enjoy a memorable trip to this incredible place. Here are some excellent suggestions to make your trip to China wonderful:

The first suggestion is to stay in a local hotel in China. Hotels and bed & breakfasts are the most common accommodations for foreign travelers. Many travelers prefer them over more expensive and better quality hotels because they are familiar with the culture and way people in China live. This familiarity makes their stay more enjoyable, thus allowing them to learn more about the country and become a better traveler in the future.

The second suggestion for travelers to travel to China is to book for cheap flights to Beijing or the capital city of China. These flights are generally the cheapest on the international scene and there are numerous airlines that fly to Beijing daily. Booking early can save quite a bit of money. In addition, when there are major holidays in China, the prices go down dramatically on flights to Beijing as travelers want to take advantage of these special travel dates and attractions. You will also find that the ban on travel to China from some countries takes effect on the weekends, which is another time when flights to Beijing and other cities are the cheapest on the weekends.

Another thing that you may want to consider before you travel to China is to leave your luggage at the embassy or consulate. The Chinese authorities may enforce an exit ban on certain products or services that they deem inappropriate. They will check items that have been imported into China and will turn down anything that is not in accordance with their regulations. Luggage containing prohibited items may be refused entry into the country and it is your responsibility to report this to the embassy or consulate as soon as possible so that you can pack the items that you have brought back to the country. Failure to comply with their requests could lead to a hefty fine or worse, the loss of your passport.

The third way to travel to China is to seek out a private tour company that specializes in tours of China. These companies operate within the guidelines of the Chinese government and they can help to circumvent any potential Chinese government restrictions. Many of these companies also specialize in tours of Beijing and other Chinese cities. It is best to book with a company that operates within U.S. law so that they can guide travelers to areas that Chinese authorities have closed to prevent tourism. This can make the entire trip safer and more pleasant for all concerned. Private tour companies can also help travelers understand Chinese customs and most can provide tours of more than one city.

The fourth way to travel to China is to circumvent any travel restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. There are several ways to do this, including holding a Chinese Passport by which travelers can enter the country without a visa. Foreign nationals can bypass the queues by flying to Hong Kong and boarding either a domestic flight or an international flight to Beijing. Those who are allowed a visa to enter China can fly to Shanghai and then take a train or a bus into Beijing. If there are no direct flights to Shanghai, many airlines will provide charter flights to Beijing so that foreigners can ride the train into the city on business purposes and then board a return flight to their home country.

The fifth way to travel to China is to employ a Chinese national with a valid visa. While a number of Chinese citizens will be permitted a visa to enter the country, others will be denied entry at the checkpoint. These are usually the same citizens who are suspected of involvement in antifraud activity, such as theft or money laundering. For these citizens, it can be helpful to apply for an exit visa, which can be used for exit and entry purposes. To do this, the citizen needs to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and follow the instructions.

The sixth and seventh ways to travel to China are not common, but can still be useful in an emergency situation. While there have been no documented cases of travellers being turned away from China due to reasons of nationality, Chinese authorities can deny entry to a foreigner on suspicion alone. In the event of a large public emergency such as a stampede or a food shortage at a Chinese restaurant, those with valid travel advice can inform the local authorities of their intended travel intentions. The same applies if there are any accidents or natural disasters in China where local officials might be unable to handle emergency situations.